The Greyton "Sandpit" is a 233 hectare alluvial area just outside Greyton, which is adjacent to the Riviersonderend river.  It is home to some critically endangered species, and has a unique mix of habitats. The site also has wonderful potential for family-friendly recreation and sporting events. Over recent years, large sections have been taken over by black wattle, port jackson, long-leafed wattle and pines. Initial clearing work in the less densely invaded areas has shown that the indigenous vegetation can start to restore spontaneously. Working closely with Greyton Conservation Society, Wild Restoration works with an experienced local team who are clearing prioritised areas of the Sandpit. Volunteers are invited to help our team clear the aliens actively restore the river banks during one of our regular hacks.  Donations to help fund the local team are also very welcome.


The indigenous plants quickly find their way through the felled pines

More indigenous plants returning... but so are the baby pines

Explore species observations in the Sandpit via iNaturalist 

(select places of interest - Greyton Sandpit)